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Personal Chrome extension assistant to automate the repetitive manual steps

Personal Chrome extension assistant to automate the repetitive manual steps

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Prakash Palnati
·Aug 13, 2019·

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Imagine you are testing a new feature included in the checkout page of an Ecommerce webapp which runs some analytics on items in the cart and you have to verify it.

Obviously an automation engineer would have to do the whole checkout process manually until he lands on the checkout page

All these are repetitive/no productivity/manual slash slash slash…. :)


What if we have a personal assistant todo all the repetitive work??…So I developed a chrome extension to do that for me. And I named the extension SkipIT!! :) “It is still in initial stage but the idea of having a chrome extension to skip-over and having an automated flow in the reach of a click is something that I want to publish.”

It is inevitable that an automation tester have to do feature testing manually either to understand the AUT or to do sprint related validation work. This would involve a lot of repetitive work

  1. Filling a form with random values (with mark of-course :P)*

  2. Selecting multiple drop downs and check boxes etc etc ….

This is a problem which many automation engineers often face. We all want to work on productive things and build automation pipelines to increase the product’s time to market.

Typical flow with and without chrome extension:

The good thing is, if the repetitive task is too big, I would minimize the browser to do something productive.


Below is a typical demo of skipIT

Find the boilerplate code here prakash047/skip-it You can't perform that action at this time. You signed in with another tab or window. You signed out in another tab or…

Who can use it:

This can be used by business owners who’d want to verify a flow and manual testers during their manual feature testing to skip the repetitive work.

My next post would be about how to include API tests inside chrome extension to get the desired test data ready or even to skip some manual steps — coz it is SkipIT :) .

Thanks for giving this a read and any feedback is greatly appreciated!!

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